Festival Sustainability

Now we’re well into the summer festival season let’s make the right choices to reduce our footprint! I know how much everyone loves to have a good boogie to some killer jamz but let’s make a conscious effort to do so sustainably. So I’ve compiled together some hot tips to make your festival season fun and environmentally friendly.

• Bring a refillable water bottle! Not only will you save the planet but you’ll save $$$ and you can look super cute with it clipped to your belt whilst you’re having a boogie.

• If you’re camping bring reusable cutlery! But like also wash that stuff because no one likes a dirty Dave.

• TAKE EVERYTHING HOME WITH YOU (okay maybe not the rando you met in the mosh to the DZ Deathrays). But don’t leave your rubbish, tents, camping supplies, food waste, water bottles etc. for the event organisers to clean up. Take it with you, this way there’s less for them to do and the rubbish is guaranteed to make it to the trash and not in a turtle’s stomach.

• If you feel the need to light a cigarette PLEASE DONT THROW THE BUTT ON THE FLOOR, try and make it to a bin! Everyone around you will appreciate it and so will the event cleaners.

• Buy outfits you’ll be able to wear again and again, either to another festival or every day. This helps avoid contributing to the overall waste of fast fashion. 

• Do a bit of research into the shops you’re buying clothes from. Places such as Arnhem create clothes using sustainable fabrics and they make sure to use every last piece of fabric too!

• Go thrift shopping! I know this is commonly done but hey, some people don’t. This also helps us reduce our contribution to the fashion-filled landfills out there.

These are just a couple of tips and if we all do them we can make a difference (and still have a good time). Set yourself a challenge and see if you can carry out 2 of these tips at your next festival!

~ Madii x

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